The Territory, Workshop

November 11, 2013

Workshop: “Build your own crib “
Location: South of Sweden,  Osby
Duration: Three Days, 2012
Participants:  Linn Runeson, Tim Näsling, Henrik Rosenqvist

Worshop Mission: Create a concept and build a geometry with the components plastic and rope that will hold for three persons to sleep in for one night.

Concept: The Territory
Animal behavior and how they protect themselves from danger inspired us to create a concept for this project.
An animal changes shape, color or behavior when it feels threatened. We took inspiration from it and created a form that could accommodate three people. Materials like plastic and rope interacted not with the site, but took possession of it. The aim was to create an interpretation of the situation with man acting in nature. The architectural design was to represent a human territory where he/ she would live in. It was dry and warm to sleep in the structure but quite crowded. The insulation in the floor made ​​it warm and soft, while the roof, consisting of three screens created a sense of space and height above ground. This gave the sense of feeling security and privacy.