The Entrance, Istanbul Cistern Project

November 11, 2013

 Universityproject: The Entrance
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Duration: Three Weeks, 2013
Linn Runeson

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In this project I give a suggestion for an entrance to the Basilica Cistern/ Tank in Istanbul, Turkey. It should be centrally located with the historical building just around the corners in all directions -similar to the re- known mosque Hagia Sophia. The new entrance is designed so that it has a strong connection to the activities in it´ s context. The design of the entrance invites activity, life and all year round usage. Everyone is welcome- residents, visitors, young and old. The materials I have suggested are carefully chosen to fit in to the context and with a sense of “layering”. Light and activity will lead visitors down to the cistern.


Cityscapes Istanbulprogram_model

Cityscapes Istanbul insidan