Eyes on the Río, Pilotproject

June 27, 2016

University: Aho, The Oslo school of Architecture & Design, Norway
Level: Master
Program: Landscape Architecture & Urbanism
Course: A Motorway named Río
Teachers: Gauthier Durey, Daniel Jaramillo , Sabine Müller , Patrycja I Perkiewicz, Giambattista Zaccariotto

Location: San Luis Potosi, Mexico 
Duration: 1 semester 
pilotproject: Linn Runeson & Milja Tuomivaara

Blog Posts: mapping , fieldtrip & Scenario , Aho Work exhibition

Within this phase we worked out 8 pilot projects that could be proposed to the municipality, to the State of Mexico as co-financing projects along sustainability criteria, to an association of NGOs, or to a private enterprise.


pilotproject_eyes on the rio_runeson_tuomivaara2

Laying out the rug, but not the picnic. 

A Palimpsest Approach


Project Content:

Boulevard Río Santiago re-imagined: Civil infrastructure made civic, a dry river and a park that stretches its fingers into the surrounding urban fabric, and gives the city an identity firmly anchored to the territory.
An invitation for inhabitants to claim back a space from cars and initiate a change together.

An invitation for the river to interact with the built environment, to soften the hardness of the manmade with its endless processes.

All along the Río, the motorway and the residual spaces that surround it are absorbed by the neighbourhoods, transforming them into places for new housing and recreation, appropriating them for city life. The Río forms the core of a network of public spaces that interlocks with the urban fabric like fingers. It bridges the gap between the two sides of the city and connects the city to the territory, to the semi-arid climate it is located in.


Many neighbourhoods around Río Santiago lack identity and open public spaces. Neglected residual spaces, walled streets and poor lighting make them unattractive and unsafe. Accessibility to daily destinations, especially schools and markets is very poor considering the density of population.

pilotproject_eyes on the rio_runeson_tuomivaara3



The main goal is to re-invent the dry river and give San Luis Potosí a public space that roots it in the territory and the climate. In addition, the pilot project aims at finding a balance between creating public open spaces and densifying. At reducing the distances that residents have to travel to their daily destinations.  At reducing the urban runoff and the residents’ dependency on the municipal water supply. At boosting local economy and provide inhabitants with community action that will empower them.

pilotproject_eyes on the rio_runeson_tuomivaara00

pilotproject_eyes on the rio_runeson_tuomivaara0

pilotproject_eyes on the rio_runeson_tuomivaara6Means: 

Creating a network of recreational space that originates in the Río. Building ~300 new dwellings. Building one new kindergarden or school. Providing a continuum to the existing commercial corridors and creating a new market place. Equipping all new housing and retrofitting at least half of the existing housing with rainwater harvesting systems. Building a community centre to coordinate community action in the Río and education regarding the development of an ecologically and socially sustainable city.



06eyes on the rio_runeson_tuomivaara




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