Coworking, Sustainable Urban Design

February 1, 2014

Universityproject: Sustainable Urban Design
Location: South of Sweden ,  Lund, Kvarteret Paradis

Duration: four Weeks, 2013-2014
Teamproject: Linn Runeson & Karin Ström

This project focuses on an area in Lund called Kvarteret Paradiset. It was earlier a hospital area but today it is a secluded space with plentiful of shrubbery. The area is isolated and hidden away from fast traffic and the rest of it´ s environment because of the abundance shrubbery and fences. The space is primarily used as a passage by university students who prefer a shortcut. The users of the site inquire for new cafes with attached patios and social spaces.


The basic concept for this group project has been to open up and activate the area throughout the day. Our two new selected design suggestions aim to add something to the older buildings which are in close connection with each other. None exalts the other, and together they form a unique identity. The synergies open up for new activities. They draw guests to each other and together will boost the attractiveness of the area. Lund University attracts people and companies from around the world which in turn contributes a potential to create a diverse and unique environment.




My groups´ suggestions focus/ emphasize on making this a meeting place for students and the city’s residents around the clock. This is achieved by cafes, restaurants, multipurpose / study rooms, and apartments on the third floor for short or long term lodgings. The basic idea is to build simple rooms for various different activities that can be used at the same time without affecting each other.







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