DIPLOMA: interweaving landscapes

January 15, 2017


The Swedish textile-shed

The primary discussion surrounding productive cities has been about agriculture and food production, however there has been very little discussion about re-qualifying textile fabrication, specifically within urban and peri-urban areas in Scandinavian cities, even though Sweden is one of the largest hubs for fashion in the world. If Sweden has had a history of textile production, is world leader with regards to sustainability, social equality and human rights, then there is opportunity to re-think its relationship with industry, and productivity.

How can a local system of textile fabrication be implemented as a spacial element within the discussion of the productive city?

It’s not about improving the conditions, it’s about changing the system. (Richard Wolff, The True Costs documentary, 2015)

final presentation, behind the hill, into the wild, aho works

December 23, 2016

Aho Works Exhibition 15.12-19.12 2016
Course: behind the hill, into the wild

Teachers: Luis Callejas, Mattias Fredrik Josefsson , Li Bin
Reviewers: Alan Berger, Lukas Pauer, Knut Eric Dahl, Jose Hernandez, Marianne Skjulhaug, Namik Mačkić, Gro Bonesmo
Photographers: Luis Callejas, Hongduo Zhuo, Linn Runeson



Landscape photography as landscape taxonomy

December 21, 2016

Course: behind the hill, into the wild
Teachers: Luis CallejasMattias Fredrik Josefsson , Li Bin

Golden Capes ” Golden Explorers”
Landscape photography as landscape taxonomy
Scaleless distant landmasses / scale / figure ground, objects and live matter
This research phase served as introduction to photography as a tool for landscape documentation. Photographs captured by students and teaching team will aim to synthesize complex phenomena and landforms into two dimensional products with different levels of realism / abstraction.

Photos Linn Runeson                                                                                  North / South



north / south visual atlas

December 20, 2016

Course: behind the hill, into the wild
Teachers: Luis CallejasMattias Fredrik Josefsson , Li Bin

This visual atlas exposes the narratives, histories and the often not so evident relationships between north / south depictions of mountain landscapes. The objective is to open up new discussions and perhaps unseen relationships between artists, explorers, geographers, cartographers and photographers often associated with a single region.

Images start around 1799, dates when Alexander Von Humboldt started his expedition to the Andes and started to produce the set of drawings and text as part of the Geography of plants.

This Atlas was the first phase in the course: behind the hill into the wild. It was used as a methodology for the students to try to make pairings to expose a direct, expected and unexpected relation between north and south explorations.


Exhibition, A motorway named Rio, Aho Works

June 21, 2016

Aho Works Exhibition 04.06-19.06 2016
Course: A Motorway named Rio

Teachers: Gauthier Durey, Daniel Jaramillo , Sabine Müller

Participants:Ka Yeung Chi, Wing Hang Winza Choi, Anta Sharif Chowdhury, Nikola Gjorgjievski, Kjell Sæland Hafnor, Chin Wai Kong, Caroline A Lytskjold, Paraskevi Ntini, Siyin Pang, Femke Peters, Abhijna Ramachandra, Bérénice Rigal, Linn Runeson, Roger Stemsrudhagen,                                           Milja Tuomivaara, Kristoffer Oben Tørstad, Junjia Yu, Hongduo Zhuo, Yan Zou