House of Music, Bachelor Project

August 6, 2014

Universityproject: Bachelor Project
Location: West of Sweden ,  Gothenburg, Götaplatsen

Duration: 10 Weeks, 2014
Teamproject: Linn Runeson & Joachim Frisk
Program: El Sistema

Blog posts: Sketchmodels    Candidate Project

The proposal that we created to Götaplatsen and the Concert Hall is an underground room in square surface with a playful environment both above and below ground. The goal of the spatial limits as a function of El Sistema has been to create an exciting, yet functional space that clearly conveys what actually happens in the building. Spreading the music out in the city. A place for everyone to be happy with the children and young people in focus but that also works well for those who do not participate in music education and can be used for various purposes.

exhibitionhall site


level and light


plansmaterial and details

Classrooms and rehearsal rooms for the music school, an administrative part with office locations and meeting rooms as well as a black box and lecturehall where performances, concerts and lectures can be held. The stairs from the concert hall also serves as seating where you can look out over the exhibition area or lectures. On the middle floor there is also a restautant where you can eat and drink while taking part in the activity in the building. The concept is based on a hanging design that gives a floating look and connects to Gotaplatsen above. Above ground looking boxes in corten in different size and height from the ground and follows down below the surface. These act as light drops and peepholes and seating. In the evening the lights instead of these with the help of the light from below and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Additionally creates light slots on a square surface, light games both above and below ground.